A Particular Day 
Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 8:54PM
Tom Stoelker in Armani Casa


It's impossible for me to look at these photos and not think of September 11th. I was display manager at Armani Casa and working on this photo shoot when the towers fell. Pictured here is Princess Alexandre of Greece, Mr. Armani's muse at the time. As the gravity of the situation became more apparent, she canceled the shoot and rushed to be with her children. 

I recall the sound of towers falling: one floor falling upon the next and the next and the next, pancaking it would come to be called. Shiny strands of steel falling to the ground like confetti, strangely beautiful and horrible. Hundreds standing on West Broadway staring at nothing.

Later that week I returned to the store and, like display artists throughout the city, hung a flag in the window.


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