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Anne Collier Cuts Loose  

The piece calls to mind the shocking scene from Louis Buñel’s 1929 Surrealist film, “Un Chien Andalou.” In the film, a man slashes a woman’s eye slowly with a razor blade.  For generations, art students who have dissected the film have discussed technique. The director tightly edited the film to shift from one frame showing a woman’s eye about to be mutilated, to another frame showing a closely cropped eye of a dead cow as the razor slides through it. Now, when shocking images are a click away, Collier’s straightforward analog image taken within sterile environs of her studio suggests the violence rather than presenting it. The photographer’s self-referential use of darkroom materials questions a world where digital technology rules. She does not use Photoshop to feign cutting an eye in the manner that Buñel used the film cutaway.  No smoke and mirrors here; the suggestion suffices. Her references to dark room technology in the photo–the black and white print and old-school cropper­–place the photo within a twentieth century time frame. However, regardless of how an image gets produced, whether bathed in photo chemicals or transmitted in 0’s and 1’s, the meaning behind the medium matters most: the eye stars in this show.

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